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Once the retail epicenter for Baltimore, the 27-block Market Center is a diverse community of commerce, arts, entertainment, anchor institutions and residential buildings perfect for lovers of city living. Its location in the heart of downtown is rich with history and landmarks, and it is home to world-class live theater, the famed Lexington Market, long time businesses and major employers. Small businesses, theatres and art galleries are moving into empty storefronts, and residents – drawn to this burgeoning diversity of uses and the convenient location, historic architecture, and walkability of Market Center – are settling into the upper stories of buildings that once housed office space. With its central connectivity to all public transportation modes, Market Center is primed for commercial and residential investment.

Market Center is roughly bounded by Baltimore Street to the south, Greene to the west, Cathedral/Liberty to the east and Madison to the north, though the specific boundaries are more complicated, as shown on the map below.

Market Center Boundaries


Development and Land Use Regulations in Market Center

Market Center’s land use is governed both by the Zoning Code of Baltimore City and the Market Center Urban Renewal Plan (URP).

Market Center URP

Retail Business District License Area Requirements

Established in 1983, Market Center is one of ten Retail Business District License (RBDL) areas in the City of Baltimore. Each RBDL was established by a separate City Council ordinance, and the businesses within the RBDL boundaries are required to pay an annual fee, which the city collects and then redistributes back to the business association for use in the district.

Market Center RBDL legislation

Ordinance Establishing RBDL Program